Southern Indiana Airports Bundle
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
This airport bundle featuring Paoli Municipal Airport (I42) and French Lick Municipal Airport (KRFH). Paoli Airport, founded in July 1947, boasts the shortest runway in our airspace in Indiana, while French Lick Airport serves as a hub for private, charter, corporate, and small commercial flights.Explore the heart of Indiana's aviation scene with this comprehensive collection of two unique airfields.
Paoli Municipal Airport (I42) is a public airport 2 miles (3.2 km) north of Paoli, in Orange County, Indiana. The airport was founded in July 1947. “If you can land at Paoli, you can land anywhere.” It was a profound statement coming from an experienced veteran who once worked as a bush pilot in Alaska. Paoli Airport had the shortest runway in our airspace in Indiana. These days, the airport’s sole runway is 508 feet longer and 10 feet wider, measuring 3,301 by 60 feet. The extra length and width make operations much safer.

The French Lick Municipal Airport (KRFH) airport is a publicly accessible airport owned by the city of French Lick, Indiana. Positioned 3 nautical miles southwest of the town's central business district, it serves as a vital transportation hub for the French Lick and West Baden areas. This facility plays a crucial role in meeting the aviation needs of the local community, providing convenient access for residents and visitors alike. Its strategic location contributes to its significance, fostering connectivity and facilitating air travel for the region.
  • Realistic PBR textures
  • High Resolution textures (4K)
  • Realistic night light
  • Detailed models
  • Custom ground polygons
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