Propair Flight

Propair Flight is working on the step change of the initial pilot training with the help of the most advanced available simulation platform – Lockheed Martin Prepar3D. Our vision is to help every pilot to learn the basics of flight easier and in a more affordable way already on the ground, speeding up the overall learning process.

In commercial and airline pilot training the use of advanced simulators are inseparable parts of the curriculum, however the huge, moving platform simulators, or the dedicated instrument training devices are still complicated and expensive to access. However, “Home” or consumer rated simulators (especially Prepar3D) provide a great base for training, but the expertise is still missing for the aspiring pilots: what and how to do.

We believe that we can provide the missing link to this by providing our customers with:

  • highly accurate virtual aircrafts with systems that are true copies of real world counterparts
  • complex real-world inspired scenarios, such as specific type ratings or general tasks
  • sophisticated post-flight analyses to provide the virtual pilots with valuable information on areas for improvement

With this well-rounded approach small flight schools or individual pilots will also get the opportunity to sharpen their flying skills in a safe, affordable way.

Propair Flight is a small startup company founded in 2016 in Budapest, Hungary. Currently 15 of highly enthusiastic individuals create the core of the team with high variety of expertise and seniority. What we share the passion for aviation and innovative solutions in any area like 3D modelling, programming or professional communication.