Our solutions will help you train future pilots in an analytics-driven virtual environment.
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Unique 3D designs
We create realistic 3D environments, aircraft models, and replicate exact system and flight characteristics for VR flight simulators.
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Top-notch technology
We use hand tracking and a physical cockpit to achieve a good compromise between interactivity and cost.
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Data-based evaluation
We create insights from the data collected in the simulator and in real flights (for that we use a mobile application).
We have a wide service portfolio ranging from 3D modeling through crafting functional virtual aircraft models to flight training digitization. Additionally, we compress our know-how into the FlightAnalytics software which integrates VR flight simulation and training with the real aircraft. We believe that there is no training in the future without VR and it has to be seamlessly blended with actual flight lessons.
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3D airports and objects
We create realistic 3D landscape objects: airports, landmarks, structures and buildings.
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VR flight simulator
We develop hand tracking software to enhance interactivity in the cockpit created by using industry standard and custom 3D printed components
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Measuring pilot abilities
We collect data from the simulator and real flights. Based on this, we evaluate pilot metrics, performance and aptitude
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Functional aircraft models
We build high-fidelity, functional aircraft models for commercial and consumer flight simulators, including precise system logic.
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Advanced flight dynamics
We build and tune the flight dynamics model of the simulated aircraft precisely using our test software and validate it against factory data.
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Digitizing flight training
Our mobile and web application helps digitize the training experience and keep track of the students’ development.
Managing Director
Balázs Bojkó
flight simulator product owner
Péter Késmárki
Managing Director
Tamás Bottyán
full-stack developer
Norbert Csikó
full-stack developer
Zsófia Erdélyi
UX-UI designer
Dominik Zabari
full-stack developer
Propair Flight Ltd. has been a stable business since 2016, and our original vision was based on the analysis of pilots' data. Over the years, the business has expanded to include the creation of virtual aircraft and airport models, modeling of complex aircraft systems, creation of training scenarios and the use of Virtual Reality technology. Additionally to the flight simulator software, we build and deliver mobile applications and cloud analytics pipelines that are integrated into the training solutions. Our pilot instructor partners regularly use VR simulators to train their students.
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