Propair Flight SF-25 Falke Officially Announced


We are proudly announcing that after months of development we are ready to share what we are working on, a famous German motor glider, the Scheibe Falke SF25 for the newest version of Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v4. We at Propair Flight had the vision to do something new for the flight sim community which can bring closer the flight simulation enthusiasts to the real world flying, what you can experience when you start your flying career as a private pilot. Falke is a simple to operate, versatile aircraft, ideal for initial pilot training. But it doesn`t mean that you can fly her just pushing the throttle to max, and rush into the air. We put great effort to simulate all the characteristics of the real aircraft, beginning from the handling in the ground and in the air, realistic oil temperature depending heavily on the cowl flaps - yes, she has an air-cooled engine, which you can boil easily on a hot summer day - even restarting her in the air using only the propeller... Propair Falke is not just a single aircraft, we want to give you much more. You will have the opportunity to fly three different variants, the SF-25B, SF-25C, SF-25E with a different engine, wheel setup, wing length, and much more. But it`s not all. We really want you to learn to operate and fly this beauty, as you would do it in your local airfield. So we prepared 3 highly detailed scenarios, which will provide you more than 2 hours of real flight experience! We are doing the last touches, cleaning the hangar, doing the paperwork. Hope you are excited! so stay tuned, and BE PREPARED! Péter Késmarki - CEO In the name of the whole Propair Flight Crew